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  • S355JOWP Plate also exhibits excellent mechanical and chemical properties. Higher yielding strength, higher tensile strength, higher mechanical strength, toughness, strength.

  • S355JOWP Plates are Thickness 5mm-150mm and Length 3000mm to 18000mm

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  • Asiamet is a leading manufacturers, Suppliers in India. S355JOWP Plate in the competitive market today and for many years now. We manufacture all our plates’ related products following the national as well as international standards.
  • The other name which is also commonly used for referring S355JOWP Corrosion Resistant Steel Plates is structural weathering steel and atmospheric corrosion resistant steels both. Both the names are frequently in the application industries where they are widely used. Also, this plate also includes many different types’ elements and is available in variant shape, sizes, ranges, alloys, grade dimensions, designations, thickness, standards, specifications, etc.
  • The plate reacts with the atmospheric elements after which the material forms a layer over a period of time which further the product from corrosion. In addition to this, it offers an economical structural solution which meets the need of different big and small applications industries. Some other features possessed by our plates are flexibility, formability, weldability, it is easy to install, easy to fabricate, reliable and it is also a durable product for a longer span of time even in the extreme temperature conditions.
  • S355JOWP Plates also exhibits excellent mechanical and chemical properties. Higher yielding strength, higher tensile strength, higher mechanical strength, toughness, strength and it is a product that protects itself from any damage
Product S355JOWP Plates
Thickness 5mm-150mm
Length 3000mm-18000mm
Type Hot-Rolled (HR)
Width 1000mm-4500mm
Price Terms Ex-Works, FOB, CIF, CFR, CNF
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What is S355JOWP Plate?

S355J0WP is an earnest suffering steel which is likewise proposed as trademark disconnecting safe steel. The head alloying parts are chromium nickel and copper with included phosphorous which gives it splendid self checking qualities. As the steel reacts with domains perceptible all around, the material structures a layer of rust after some time which on an astoundingly key level shields the steel from use.

S355J0WP (which is a dubious assessment to Corten A) gives a solid and money related accomplice steel respond in due enthusiasm concerning use in applications, for instance, steel researches stack gas applications and in steel framed structures in view of the material’s accurately fulfilling completion.

S355JOWP Plates Equivalent Grades

Grade Material # EN 10155 SEW 087 NFA 35-502 UNI BS 4360 ASTM JISG3114
EN 10025 1.8945 S355J0WP E 36 WA 3 Fe 510 C1K1 WR 50 A A 588

S355JOWP Plates Chemical Composition

Grade C Si Mn P S N Addition of Cr Cu
nitrogen binding
S355J0WP 0.12 0.75 1 0.06/0.15 0.035 0.009 0.30/1.25 0.25/0.55

S355JOWP Plates Mechanical Properties

Grade Min. Yield Strength Reh MPa Tensile Strength Rm MPa
Nominal Thickness (mm) Nominal Thickness (mm)
≤16 >16 ≤40 >40 ≤63 >63 ≤80 >80 ≤100 >100 ≤150 >3 >3 ≤100 >100 ≤150
S355J0WP 355 345 335 325 315 295 510/680 470/630 450/600

Types of S355JOWP Plate

S355J0WP Plates
ASTM A588 Corten EN 10025 S355J0WP Plates Corten EN 10025 S355J0WP ASTM A588 Steel Sheets
DIN 1.8945 Corten Steel EN 10025 S355J0WP Plates Corten Steel ASTM A588 1.8945 Sheets
Corten EN 10025 S355J0WP Steel Sheets Corten DIN 1.8945 Corrosion Resistance steel Plates
Corten Steel EN 10025 S355J0WP strip-mill Plate ASTM A588 EN 10025 S355J0WP Corten Steel Plates
Corten Steel DIN 1.8945 ASTM A588 Strip-mill sheets ASTM A588 Corten Steel EN 10025 S355J0WP Cold Rolled Plates
Pressure Vessel Corten DIN 1.8945 Steel Plates Corten Steel EN 10025 S355J0WP Boiler Quality Plates
ASTM A588 Corten Steel 1.8945 High Tensile Plates Corten ASTM A588 Structural Steel Plates
Corten EN 10025 S355J0WP Steel Plates Distributors High Tensile Corten Steel EN 10025 S355J0WP Plates
A 588 High Strength Low Corten S355J0WP Steel Plate ASTM A588 Corten Steel S355J0WP Abrasion Resistant Steel Plates
Corten Steel ASTM A588 Hot Rolled Plates Stockiest ASTM A588 Pressure Vessel S355J0WP Corten Steel Plates
A588 DIN 1.8945 Corten Steel Plates Stockholder Corten Steel S355J0WP Abrasion Resistant Steel Plates Exporter
Corten ASTM A588 Structural Steel Plate Suppliers A588 DIN 1.8945 Corten Steel Plates Manufacturer

Application of S355JOWP Plate

  • Fertilizers Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Refineries Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Nuclear Power Plant Industry

Testing of S355JOWP Plates

  • Hardness test
  • Third party inspection
  • Flaring test
  • Flattening test
  • Durability test
  • Visual inspection
  • Pitting and corrosion resistance test
  • Positive material identification test
  • Chemical composition analysis

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