ASTM A588 GR.A Plates Suppliers in India

  • ASTM A588 GR.A Plate are Drawn From Hot or Cold Drawing Process. These are Hot Formed in The Controlled Temperatures Recommended For Nominal Hot Working Process.

  • ASTM A588 GR.A Plate are Thickness 0.8 mm to 50mm and Length upto 12,000mm

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  • Asimet is a leading manufacturer of ASTM A588 GR.A PLATES. They are plates of a grade which are made from the ASTM material. We make this product available in a number of shapes, sizes, grades, and specifications. This product is the steel plate which is made of the specification known as ASTM A588. They are known for their high strength as well as lower composition of alloy throughout its structure. This is the core reason of them being used so widely.
  • They have a large number of properties such as elongation properties and also it has a very high yield strength as well as tensile strength. It also provides a high resistance against the stress related corrosion and is excellent in preventing the corrosion cracking and the pitting. It has an excellent corrosion resistance and it can prevent a number of corrosion related problems such as oxidation, toxic gases, reduction, and reactive chemicals as well. It is equipped with the capability of preventing these efficiently.
  • It is also excellent in terms of resisting the enormous temperatures and large amount of heat environments as well. They are excellent when it comes to the weldability as well as machine ability. They are excellent for joining as well as bending purposes. They are very tough and have a highly rigid structure. They are very much durable and can handle even the harshest conditions.
  • They are highly ductile and can be easily drawn in the form of wires to extend its capabilities even further. It is designed in a number of dimensions as well as varying thickness. It is ideal for operations that take place in the most hostile environments. They are also usable in bare conditions as well that makes it an excellent product in the industry.
Product ASTM A588 GR.A Plate
Specifications ASTM A588 / ASME SA588
Material Corten A ,Corten B , S355J0WP ,S355J0W, S355J2W , A588 Grade A, A588 Grade B
Type Weathering Steel / Corten Steel
Width 750mm to 1500mm
Thickness 0.8 mm to 50mm
Length upto 12,000mm
Process Hot Rolled (HR)
Price Terms Ex-Works, FOB, CIF, CFR, CNF
Latest Price Call +919619672006

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What is ASTM A588 GR.A Plate?

ASTM A 588 GR.A PLATES are drawn from hot or cold drawing process. These are hot formed in the controlled temperatures recommended for nominal hot working process. The standard hot working process should be followed by solution quenching or annealing process. The heat treatment process is discontinued and quenched directly. Thereafter the plates are processed for the subsequent heat treatment process. it is necessary that entire plates are quenched. In the case of slow cooling, the hot working process is followed by quenching or annealing process.

With its formability and ductility it is easily formable, hence it is ideal for cold forming operations. With the composition of alloying elements, it implies for most powerful processing equipment compared to standard grades. All standard welding process can employ on plates. It has a homogeneous structure with a uniform distribution of alloying elements. The solidification after the welding process can lead to a redistribution of certain elements. These plates have good cold work hardening rate. These are machinable too.

ASTM A 588 GR.A Plate requires low cutting speeds, feeds, lubrication and adequate cut depths for better machining results. This cut off machining costs. After processing these are processed for industrial finishing process to acquire finished surface and accurate dimensions. Moreover, these are coated with SATIN and bright black polish that prevents untreated area in adverse zone.

It has the high content of alloying elements gives exceptional good corrosion resistance. These plates are designed for local and general corrosion resistance in a wide range of intermittent environments. These offer good performance in chloride stress corrosion cracking. It is restive to pitting and crevice corrosion in environments that contain a high concentration of chlorides and halides. It is originally developed to withstand environments that contain sulfuric acids. It also offers good service in organic and inorganic environments such as hot phosphoric acids.

ASTM A588 GR.A Corten Steel Plates Chemical Composition

Grade C % Si % Mn % P % S % Cr % V % Ni % Cu %
A588 Gr A 0.19 0.30-0.65 0.80-1.25 0.04 0.05 0.40-0.65 0.02-0.10 0.4 0.25-0.5
A588 Gr B ≤0.20 0.15-0.50 0.75-1.35 0.04 0.05 0.40-0.70 0.01-0.10 ≤0.50 ≤0.50

ASTM A588 Corten Steel GR.A Plates Mechanical Properties

Grade Thickness Yield Strength Tensile Strength
ReH[N/mm2]transv.min Rm[N/mm2]transv
ASTM A588 0mm-100mm 340 MPa 480 MPa
102mm-127mm 320 MPa 460 MPa
127mm-203mm 290 MPa 430 MPa

Types of ASTM A588 GR.A Plate

Corten GR.A Plates
Corten GR.A Plates Corten GR.A ASTM A588 Steel Sheets
Corten Steel GR.A Plates Corten Steel GR.A Plates
Corten GR.A Steel Sheets Corten GR.A Corrosion Resistance steel Plates
Corten Steel GR.A strip-mill Plate ASTM A588 GR.A Corten Steel Plates
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Pressure Vessel Corten GR.A Steel Plates Corten Steel GR.A Boiler Quality Plates
ASTM A588 Corten Steel GR.A High Tensile Plates Corten GR.A ASTM A588 Structural Steel Plates
Corten GR.A Steel Plates Distributors High Tensile Corten Steel GR.A Plates
A 588 High Strength Low Corten GR.A Steel Plate ASTM A588 Corten GR.A Abrasion Resistant Steel Plates
Corten GR.A ASTM A588 Hot Rolled Steel Plates Stockist ASTM A588 Pressure Vessel GR.A Corten Steel Plates
A588 GR.A Corten Steel Plates Stockholder Corten GR.A Abrasion Resistant Steel Plates Exporter
Corten GR.A ASTM A588 Structural Steel Plate Suppliers A588 GR.A Corten Steel Plates Manufacturer

Features of ASTM A588 GR.A Plate

  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Rigidity
  • Highly Durable
  • Precise Dimension
  • Longer life

Applications of ASTM A588 GR.A Plate

  • Mining equipment
  • Mining track
  • Excavators
  • Loaders
  • Bulldozers
  • Various cranes
  • Mining machinery
  • Equipment

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